Idea One

My first idea was to create a Deadpool poster in the style of a typical superhero movie poster. I erased the background from around images of Deadpool, Collossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Ajax. I placed the three heroes at the bottom of the poster and placed Ajax looking menacing from above with a city background. I used Adobe Illustrator to create my own Deadpool logo to put next to the byline. However, the poster looked too cluttered towards the bottom left of the poster an too empty at the top right. Furthermore, the byline was too large which drew attention away from the title of the film. The title didn’t seem to stand out enough and the poster as a whole was too grey. I decided to alter my idea to a different movie so that I could create a more simplistic poster. I decided on the movie Thor.

Attempt One

For my first idea, I decided to show the faces of both Thor and Loki with Mjolnir, the hammer, between them. I used lightning in the background as a reference to Thor’s powers. However I soon changed this idea because it didn’t look professional enough. The image of Mjolnir didn’t fit well with the images of Thor and Loki. Therefore the poster clashed too much.

Attempt Two

For my next idea, I decided to place more focus on the hammer and make the design more simplistic. I again used lightning and placed an image of space in the background to emphasise the fact that Thor isn’t human. However, the design didn’t look very good, it wasn’t professional and you didn’t get enough of a storyline from it. Also the text didn’t stand out enough to grab attention.

Final Design

For my final design, I focused on the hammer like in the previous design but included a plain background so that it stood out and had someone holding it. I layered a photo of Loki over the top in the flames, I erased the background of the photo and turned down the opacity a little bit so it blended in. The fire helped to portray him as the villain of the film. I then  layered an image of lightning and blended it into the image by using the eraser and turning down the opacity. I included a Marvel logo to make it appear authentic.

For the film title, I kept the font the same as before but I changed the spacing between the letters. I created an outline for the text and layered a maze design and scratched metal over it  before using the multiply tool to blend it. I used a lighter colour of gold to give the appearance of a light shining on it and a darker version of grey to create dark areas in the text. Finally I used a drop shadow to give the text emphasis and create a more 3D text.

For the byline I made up the quote ‘only one can be worthy’. This implied that worthiness is important to the film and that there would be a struggle between Thor and Loki. I used a quote from IMDb for the review and made it the same font as the byline to maintain consistency.

Finally, I added a credit block to the bottom of the poster to make the poster more authentic.

The task we were given for this piece was to create an A4 film poster for an existing film. The poster had to include a title, a byline, a main image and a review quote. I have incorporated all of these elements into the poster effectively. I think that what makes my poster effective is the contrast of bold images such as the hammer as well as background images like the lightning and Loki. I think that my chosen font is effective for the genre because superhero poster fonts, and especially those used by Marvel, aren’t usually standard fonts, they create their own typeface.

If I were to do anything differently I would have included a different sky background to make it more apparent that Thor isn’t from Earth. Also I could have chosen a different image to layer over the text than the maze as it doesn’t really have any relevance.

Overall, I think that my poster design is very effective and meets the conventions of a Marvel movie poster.