Starting Image

The image that I had to begin with was of the eight cycles of the moon with the quote ‘no sorrow to die’ and the word Antilles. From these randomly chosen pieces of information, I decided that a young adult novel would be the best genre to base my book cover on.

Attempt 1

The first idea that I had was to have a girl suspended in the centre of the moons, replacing the text that was there in the original image. However, when I attempted to create the book cover I didn’t like it because it didn’t seem to portray a theme or a basic storyline.

Instead I decided to stick with the idea of the girl floating but include the ground below her and place the moons in the sky to show another world.


I used an image of a girl floating then layered it over an image of a red cloudy sky, the moons and lightning strikes. I erased the sky above her so that the sky appeared red and I turned the harshness of the eraser to zero, leaving a slight edge of the original sky around her to give the idea that she was glowing.

I then layered the image of lightning above it and turned the opacity down. I erased some of the image around the lightning bolts so that the red sky was more visible. I then rotated the lightning and moved it until it appeared to originate from the girl.

I then erased the background from the moons and rotated the image to imply that the moons were some sort of formation. Finally, I turned the opacity down slightly to make them appear more natural in the image.


 For the font I decided to look for a simple font and I decided to use DIN Condensed because it is basic but it still stands out. I then added effects to the font. The bevel and emboss effect gave the writing more substance so that it didn’t appear too flat on the cover which allowed it to stand out. The drop shadow darkened the area around the writing a little bit so that it stood out even more and added a darker mood to the background image.

To make the word Antilles seem more like an authors name, I took the first two letters and made them the initials of the author. I used the same font as the book title to maintain consistency. However I didn’t use any effects as I didn’t want to take too much attention from  the title of the book. I added New York Times bestselling author to make the book cover seem more authentic.

For the layout of my book title I used one word per line. This allowed me to make the font bigger so that it would stand out more as it is a long title. It also matched other similar young adult book covers as they did the same.

Final Design

 After putting together all of the different elements, this was my final design.

The brief that we were given for this piece was to create an album cover or book cover using a random wikipedia article to get the author’s name, a random photo from Flickr to use as in the design and a random quote to get the title of the book.

I think that the blending between different picture elements worked well for my cover. By layering different images I was able to effectively create the impression of another world. Also I think that the font stands out well and that using one word per line follows the conventions of a young adult book cover.

If I were to change anything, I would try to find a better way to incorporate the moons, which were my chosen image, into the cover. I would also find other images of lightning to make it clearer that they are originating from the girl.

Overall, I think that my book cover effectively followed the conventions of the young adult genre and incorporated different elements to meet the brief that we were given.