Attempt One

I chose Stark Industries, the company from Iron Man to create a logo for. My idea was to incorporate the arc reactor, a key item in the movie. For my first attempt, I relied on the triangular arc reactor design to create the logo. However the design looked unprofessional, the gradient didn’t work well with the design and the text didn’t fit the brand.

Attempt Two

For my next attempt I used the eclipse tool to draw various circles inside one another and the rectangle and curve tool to create the pieces around the outside of the arc reactor. I used gradients to add light patterns to the logo so that it appears to glow like the arc reactor in the movie. I added an outer glow to make the arc reactor appear to be lit up. I chose a square font and widened the gap between letters so that the text would stand out.

Final Design

For my final design I placed the logo, which included a black square, on a white background so that it became clear that the black was a part of the logo. I removed the motto from the bottom of the logo because it wasn’t visible once the logo was changed to a smaller size. I moved the text to the bottom of the screen to balance out the design better.

For this design we were told to create a logo for a fictional company that had appeared in a book, film or TV programme using Adobe Illustrator.

I think that my design was effective because it focused on a symbol that can easily be recognised, the arc reactor. I think that the shapes are constructed effectively to build up the image of the arc reactor. The use of outer glow gives the impression that the arc reactor is lit up like in the Iron Man films and the black background emphasises this glow.

If I were to do anything differently I would look for other fonts for ‘Stark Industries’ so that it stood out better on the logo. I also think that I should have spent more time lining up the dots and the shapes around the outside.

Overall, I think that my logo design is very effective in creating a brand about that company based on one of the defining features of Tony Stark in the Iron Man films.